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  • What is 'Leftside of Fashion'?

    An edutaining series on fashion that's secretly sustainable. ;P

    The term 'Fashion' is all relative, it can be a comfortable, functional boxy dress that shows no curves or ridiculously high heels that make your butt look amaaazing! But wait... there's more! How about leather made from apples, illuminating fabrics, clothing that can grow with you! 😱


    There is more to fashion than what's in the spotlight! Let me share with you the side of fashion I know - Fun, exciting & with a creamy eco center.

    Bunny Yan

    Marketing Advisor turn Fashion Edutainer

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  • Fun-coated articles

    Laced with humor, sprinkled with knowledge & just a dash of sass

  • About Bunny Yan

    Let's get a little personal. But not too much!!!

    A Chinese American who has been working in the fashion & marketing industry for almost 2 decades.


    Able to see the fashion world through the lenses of East and West gives Bunny a fuller view on what the fashion world is really like and she believes 'balance' is the key to change the industry. As one of the leading experts in Fashion Sustainability, Bunny likes to get her message through with humor and sass.


    This is an ever-evolving field and Bunny wants to share just how exciting it actually is.


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