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  • What is 'Leftside of Fashion'?

    An edutaining series on fashion that's secretly sustainable. ;P

    The term 'Fashion' is all relative, it can be a comfortable, functional boxy dress that shows no curves or ridiculously high heels that make your butt look amaaazing! But wait... there's more! How about leather made from apples, illuminating fabrics, clothing that can grow with you! 😱


    There is more to fashion than what's in the spotlight! Let me share with you the side of fashion I know! Fun, exciting & with a creamy eco center.

    Bunny Yan

    Sustainability Expert turn Fashion Edutainer

  • Top episodes

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  • #ecoAF series

    Students around the world share their kick-ass eco projects!

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  • About Bunny Yan

    Let's get a little personal. But not too much!!!

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    After working in the fashion and marketing industries for over 20 years, I have seen a lot of in-your-face glamour and closets stuffed with skeletons. It is the waste, the inefficiency, the stubbornness to change that pushed me to refocus my value and ultimately inspired me to combine my expertise with my eccentric personality.


    Instead of schooling others to "do better" or "change your behavior", I choose to deliver my knowledge how I want to consume content: fun, short, and full of cat memes.


    I call that, accidental learning. 😆


    - Trailblazed China's sustainability scene by opening the first upcycle design shop (awarded the BEST SHOP title by TimeOut) and the first sustainable material marketplace.


    - Being featured in Forbes, WWD; Key-noted in conferences around the world; got invited to the White House (Obama), and spoke in front of the UN.


    - Advised house brands like H&M, New Balance on how to convey their eco-efforts in a way that's most value-adding. As well as upcycling their production or marketing waste and incorporating it into the campaign.


    - My love for spicy buffalo wings, cute fuzzy animals, and my ability to dance like no one's watching.

  • Bunny Today

    Cheeky view on fashion, sustainability, sexuality, food and sssh...tuff

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