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Bowls, plates, coasters and paper-made dishes

Bowls, plates, coasters and paper-made dishes

by Laurent Calvayrac

Starting from the idea of ​​the clipboard he uses, Andrew Simpson created his own tool. Thanks to a system of interchangeable molds, it can create containers of different shapes and sizes.

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Rather than having newspapers and flyers go directly to recycling, Andrew Simpson came up with the idea of ​​using them to make bowls, plates, coasters and paper plates . Ideal containers for use at a picnic, barbecue or any other gathering around the table.

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Rather than directly recycling these waste paper , they are "upcycledsustainability:
The process is quite simple. Combining this waste paper with water, a paste is then formed and it can be compressed into the desired shape according to the chosen mold.

Depending on the thickness of the dough, the containers can be more or less rigid!

Andrew Simpson is part of a group of designers focused on sustainability : the Supercyclers . They value waste by creating products using any type of material.

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