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Introducing The World’s Most Sustainable Organic Teething Toy
Wobabybasics’ Organic Teether Is A Joy For Any Baby
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Every parent knows the feeling of concern that accompanies your little one’s teething stage. Your baby’s irritability, face rubbing, drooling, and (most noticeably) attempts at biting everything he or she can get their hands on, can cause some trouble.

It’s clear that before you can behold your infant’s toothy grin, his or her teeth will have to make a lengthy and troublesome journey into the oral cavity. Teethers are the most effective way of easing your baby through this entire ordeal.

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The Organic Tuzi Teething Toy Is Upcycled From 100% Certified Chemical-free Organic Textiles

As a parent, your first priority when choosing a perfect teether for your toddler is safety. Sherry Poon, of the innovative baby apparel company Wobabybasics, created the Organic Tuzi Baby Toy with that foremost on her mind.

Made from certified 100% chemical-free organic cotton and low-impact dyes for safety, she’s made a guaranteed contaminant free teething toy to calm your toddler. But Sherry did not stop there. By extracting the cotton from Wobabybasics own factory overstocks, she’s created a sustainable and upcycled beauty with a variety of colorful looks!

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Alongside Founder Sherry Poon’s First Child, Wobabybasics Was Born

After the birth of her first child, Sherry Poon started the baby apparel company Wobabybasics in 2007. Her goal? To become the healthiest option for not just babies, but also the planet. Child-friendly and eco-friendly production are two of the pillars she wanted her company to stand for.

By using her architectural experience, her work as an environmentalist and (of course) her authority as a mother, she re-creates products providing the basic wants of children through simplicity, sustainable materials, nostalgic stylings and modern practicality.

“In China, I have learned to rely a lot on my instincts and take risks.” -Sherry Poon

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Ecologically Responsible And Proudly ‘Made in China’

Wobabybasics prides itself in being ecologically responsible. Their thoughtfully designed children’s clothing is made with Global Organic Textile Standard-certified organic cotton, produced with a commitment to quality, fair-trade and the environment.

Their Organic Tuzi Teething Toy is even upcycled from organic factory scraps, for an added touch of sustainability. All their printed material is made from 100% recycled paper, and the brand has been developing environmental programs with local organizations and supporting initiatives to help reduce their carbon dioxide production.

With such a strong belief in a sustainable business model balancing profitability and philanthropy, Wobabybasics are proud to label themselves as ‘Made in China’.

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Originally published at on December 28, 2015.