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MUST HAVE outfit in your closet! 😱

Who says the little black dress is the only stable in your closet? For me, an over-sized teeshirt and pj pants are must haves! 😆 . How can you get the look? You got to watch the video!! 🤓🤓



So what are the stables in your closet? Leave it in the comments. 👇😊



Bunny Yan - Fashion voice with eco twist

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Fashion is entertaining, expressive and... totally vain. Let’s take that vanity to another level! Be vain about the positive impact of your wardrobe, about the stories of the maker, about inspiration and motivation behind it all.

Whether it’s a beauty tutorial, DIY fashion, design tips or news, people look to their favorite style or fashion blogger to give them ideas on the look of the day, how to dress and designers’ runway trends. As a fashion marketing expert and influencer, I want to give the audience comedy and fun but weave in eco practices, sustainability efforts minus the guilt trip. Sharing the coolest innovations in upcycling, zero waste living, ethical artisanry and everything circular. An upgraded fashion talk (blog/vlog) that delivers knowledge through humor. A fashionista with eco twist, coming at you daily, weekly and ever so rightly.

Speaker, adviser & disruptive story-teller

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