Synthetic vs. Natural dye: The showdown!


Reporter: You are tuning into the epic showdown between Natural and Synthetic fabric dye.
We are back from commercial, let’s listen in.

Natural: ... you are out there harming natural, but I’m actually made from natural! With ingredients like plants, animals, fruits, insects, minerals…

Synthetic: Oh ya? Why don't you tell people natural dye ingredients can cause allergic reactions and even be toxic!

Natural: Look who is calling the kettle black! You are all toxic!

Synthetic: That's a lie! Mom had me tested! Many companies are switching out my harmful chemicals, replacing with eco-friendly ones. And what about you sneaking in chemicals so you can be more like me!

Natural: 😱 You wanker! You read my diary! I was... pressured! I had to add it so the color can stay longer and brighter on fabric! That was a cheap shot! Just... like... you...

Synthetic: Don't hate! I AM cheaper! That's why I'm so popular~! You are so high maintenance and expensive. I mean, do you have to order the lobster, every time, ...even for breakfast?

Natural: That's cause I'm worth it!

Synthetic: But you take forever to prep!

Natural: Well....well....Yo mama!

Synthetic: 😱 You take that back! She's your mom too!!...

Reporter: Oooook.. 😐 we are stopping the broadcasting before it gets any shadier. I feel they both have valid points. Whether it's natural or synthetic, it's always good to look for the companies who is eco-conscience; try to minimize the toxin without affecting quality.

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