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the Squirrelz Launch Eco-Conscious, Sustainable Material Platform
High-Quality, Low-Cost AND Eco-Friendly!
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When started it was with the creation of Wasavy’s Scrubags: the result of high-quality materials that the factory considered defective being turned into unique products.

From the start, the Squirrelz has been about pushing boundaries. Creating the world’s biggest upcycle marketplace was the first step. Now it’s time to take the next! Not only do we want the best upcycle and sustainable designers on our platform, we want to turn designers of all types into eco-design.

We can now provide small-time crafters, high quantity production designers, and even fashion brands, with wholesale sustainable materials to create with!, The World’s First Eco-materials Wholesaler!
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We’re an eco-wholesaler with a single goal — to match up unused and unloved overstocked factory materials with people who can use them in the world of design and fashion. Every time a factory creates too much, those materials are stored indefinitely and often destroyed, no matter how high the quality is. Abandoned orders, color mistakes and size mistakes can all result in an entire batch of production being discarded.

Every year 9 billion tons of high-quality material overstock is burned or dumped in landfills. We want to put a stop to this pointless waste! is the bridge between factories with high-quality overstock and creators worldwide, big and small, who can use those materials to create with. Sustainable, eco-conscious materials for everyone, without breaking the bank. Because buying eco shouldn’t cost more, and we’re making sure it won’t!

Get inspired with Inspiration Packs: Eco-materials To Create With
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You don’t have to take our word on why we’re so excited about providing high-quality eco-materials to creators everywhere: you can find out for yourself!

To show off the power of the sustainable materials that go to waste every day, we’ve put togetherInspiration Packs. These curated packages of fabrics, buttons and other overstock materials are a perfect catalyst for designers across the industry.

Let these materials define your next creation, and let them add a touch of eco-consciousness to your project. Discover how eco-friendly production materials can be high-quality and low-cost!

Originally published at on February 22, 2016.