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Embarrassing stories of the traveling jeans

Denim jeans, one of the most popular pieces of clothing. A good pair of jeans could last you decades, which means that pair of jeans has gone through more sh*t with you than most of your friends.

Something that’s been with you this long would have a lot of stories to tell. Here I’ve chosen 3 from various people to share with you. Oh, these are not some wholesome heartfelt tales (This is not ABC family), these are some embarrassing a** moments. 😂😈😂


THE LONGEST CALL by C (Made up name :P)

Bought a pair of new jeans, got it especially for the big back pockets that would fit all my essentials when going out. That night, I was having dinner with my old college professor who had always believed in me and pushed me for greatness.

I'm at the restaurant, I sat down, SHE ARRIVES! BIG HUG! The catching up started right away... Then I heard phone ringing coming from behind. I ignored it cause nothing can distract me from telling my mentor how much of my current success is thanks to all the support she had given me. The call didn’t get picked up and after a bunch of rings, it stopped. So I continued to tell my mentor everything that I have been doing and bathing in those sweet words of approval like a kid showing off the first macaroni picture. In the middle of me sharing the feeling of my first keynote speaker experience…

*bling… Bling… BLING…* That phone went off again.

I try to ignore it and continued with my story, but that standard high pitch ringtone was just so annoying. I turned around, look at the table behind me, the 2 ladies at the table were just chatting away and completely ignoring their phone. The ringing stopped and I was thinking to myself… “That lady could’ve put the phone on silent if she wasn’t gonna answer it.” I turned back around, trying to pretend that ringing wasn’t fueling my aggravation. I thought maybe I should say something but after the 8th ring. It stopped.

I continued on with my story, “... I got the email saying they want me to speak!... I prepared the slides...So I was on stage and thought about what you have taught me…”

*bling… Bling… BLING…* That was the last straw for me.

I turned around, tap one of the ladies on the shoulder and said with a sarcastic tone “Do you mind picking that up! People can hear it you know...”

To my surprise, I was welcomed by the same sarcastic tone “ Yes, people CAAAN hear it, why don’t you do that!”

And it hit me, I put my phone in my back pocket and was sitting on it the whole time. That unfamiliar ringtone was the alarm I set for this dinner. It will alert me every 8 minutes until I turn it off…

I wanted to crawl into my back pocket and die...


BIG BANG by T (Made up name)

The weather is warm enough to break out all my cute tank-tops. I put on the blue graffiti one I got from my Euro-trip last year (been dying to wear it) and my favorite jeans. I’m in front of my mirror, super happy with my purchase and loving my jeans cause they go with everything. I grab my books and head for class. Seeing everyone’s summer attire, feeling the warm sunshine gave me a bounce in my steps. I walk past all the students relaxing outside while I walk over to the other dorm to get my bestie. The front door of the dorm is blocked, somebody was moving in so I had to use the handicap door on the side. There is a big button you have to press for the automatic door to open and it moves so slow. As I’m waiting for the door to fully open I heard from behind “ Hey XXX! “ I know the voice, that’s the boy all the girls are drooling over. Let’s call him - J. We don’t have any classes together and I was shocked that he even knows my name.

I turned around with a casual smile (don’t want to look too eager)

"Hi J!"

J was standing there with 5-6 of his friends with such a cute smile on his face.

"Cool shirt!" he said.

"Thanks!" (Yep, that was the coolest response I could think of at the time)

I turned around, feeling damn good about myself. The hottest boy in school knows my name, and he likes my shirt and I’m walking away knowing my a** looks damn good in these jeans. As I step forward with my head still stuck in cloud nine, I felt a hard hit to the face accompanied by a loud BANG that pushed me to the floor.

I gathered my composure and looked up, the handicap door had hit me in the face and knocked me down. Turned out, while my mind was in Lala land, the automatic door had opened, waited and started to close back up. So my force of walking forward combined with the force of modern machinery has created my worst nightmare. I picked myself up off the floor, gathered my things and squeezed through the front door while a bunch of people was trying to maneuver a sofa. I can’t recall if I heard J and his friends laughing or not and I never did find out cause I avoided him the rest of the school year.


DON'T BE ALARMED by K (Made up n… errr… you got the point)

Warning: If you are eating right now you might want to read this later. ;P

It’s not fun to travel by air, the headache of booking the ticket, planning how early you have to leave the house (It’s still 3 hours for international flights, rite?) and for some reason my luggage is always 2 pounds over the limit! With all the hassles, my travel clothes just had to be comfortable. The must-have piece is my ‘travel jeans’, been with me forever. They’ve fainted nicely, properly worn-in so feels super soft and I love ‘em.

That day, I got up, grabbed the cold pizza from the fridge (buffalo chicken with extra cheese) for breakfast before heading for the airport. (The airport name shall remain anonymous)

After checked in, I was walking aimlessly through the duty-free shops when my stomach started to feel a little weird. Then it stopped… and then it started again, weirder this time. After that repeated for a couple of times, I had to face the inevitable. Bathroom... Eating spicy food before a flight wasn’t the smartest choice but I’ve done it so many times before without any ‘problems’.

I ran for the last corner stall in the bathroom cause I can feel this one is gonna be bad and I want to be as far as possible from people. I sat down and my bum started...mmm... ‘tooting’. and tooting… and... TOOOOOTING…... and... false alarm! After all the tooting, I was actually feeling better. But even though those toots weren’t loud, they are ‘noticeable’, like chemical weapon level noticeable.

I was contemplating how can I exit the stall in stealth mode, maybe wait a bit longer before I step out… Then I heard from above “There is NO SMOKING in the bathroom, please put out your cigarette. There is NO SMOKING…” on repeat.

My silent trumpet has set off the freakin’ smoke alarm. And just my luck, there’s a smoke alarm above each stall, so ya, you will know exactly which stall was ‘smoking’. I got out of there as fast as I could, with my head held...low, dodging every glances on the way out. That 10 seconds it took me to exit the bathroom felt like an eternity.

Btw, I did have to visit the bathroom again later to finish my ‘business’ (found a different one of course), let’s just say, I was happy I had on my comfy travel jeans for the flight.


Knowingly or not, a lot of our memories are tied to what we wear, and I'm sure many of them made you laugh (or at least made me laugh ;P). Oh! 🤗 I would like to shout-out to my friends at USEDEM, they take your old jeans and turns it into a backpack so you can carry your laughter to new adventures. How cool is that!!!

#Upcycleeverything :D

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