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Finding closure

Most people don't realize the importance of finding the right closure prior to their next date. And by closure, I meant the method of fastening for clothes, such as buttons, velcros and snaps. (What else do you think I meant? 😜)

Picture this, lovely meal, drinks back at the apartment, you’re so hot for each other and just had to tear apart the tank top and rip all the buttons off the shirt while ravaging each other like...*CENSORED*......
And that's great!...for movies...

Real life...😐 ‘ just ripped my favorite shirt... I didn't bring an extra change of clothes... and I have a presentation at work tomorrow…’ Such a mood killer...

Depending on the steaminess of your date (or the anticipation of), here are different closures for your clothes that you should consider.

There's something so satisfying when ripping open a shirt with snaps. Watching and listening as each snap pops open! Your date is just scrumptious, so Snap, Pop and Crackle! 🤓

Grab one corner and let it rip!! All the acts of aggression without the permanent damage. Although, the hook side of the velcro can give quite a skin burn. So after you rip the clothes off, toss it on the floor. Oh, unless you are on the floor, then toss it on the bed…

Zipper is a performance piece. You can really act out all your favorite rom-com scenes. Ask your date to unzip the dress from behind.. but just a little. Go behind the screens and let your date watch the dark silhouette of you zipping out of your clothes. Unexpected cleavage from a downward sliding zipper. (Totally expected…😜)

Very versatile. Your date can unbutton you, you can unbutton for your date or half and half. Open it it fast~~... Just don't rip it!!! 😳

Hook and eye
Small, delicate…and did I mention small? Your date will really need to have patience and a level of tenderness to pull off this task. Depends on how they pulled it off, it also shows character.

You got Buckles on your clothes?!?! You’ frea~kaaay!! 😆 This can vary; depending on how many buckles there are, but will still be a slower process to set you free from the confinement. (If freeing is what you want...)

Corsets are hella sexy, I’m a big fan myself. If laced up correctly, a proper corset will be a pain and a major operation to take off. You need to loosen the lace little by little until you can get your breath back and wiggle yourself out of it. Which is perfect if the slow torture of anticipation is what you are after...😈🔥
Note: You might not want to try lacing yourself back up in the morning, just keep a spare shirt in your bag.

Safety pins and other creative closures
😐 eerrr… If that’s your choice of garment, you don't need me. You know exactly what you are doing and how you will be doing it... (All pun intended) 🤣

Moral of the story? Remember to always practice safe clothes.

Bunny Yan - Fashion voice with eco twist

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