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How cheap can you get?

I was window-shopping down SOHO and came upon a plain looking dress shop squeezed in between all the glamour. The displays in the window looked 10 years old, the poster at the front is peeling off and all the mannequins are poorly maintained (the left arm on one of them is just dangling, lol) The entire shop looks cheap.

I wanted to at least put that arm back (cause I’m bad at minding my own freakin’ business 😝) Then it occurred to me… What if CHEAP is the look they are going for!!! 😱😱

Maybe they want the customers to think their products are affordable, maybe they want to prove that a window-dresser is needed, maybe this is the style that pleases the overlords!...

There could be countless reasons why someone will want their shop to look cheap, and if you are that someone, I’m here to help you to get that look!



It's all in the details or lack thereof. To make sure your shop looks low-end, here is the basic checklist.

  • Aged store sign with at least one letter faded or missing

  • Paper on the door that reads ‘Broken, please use the other door’

  • Use the front window space as storage, the dustier the better

  • Mixed & matched displays and furniture (not done ironically)

  • Rust (Which is different from rustic)

Bonus point: A distinctive scent, preferably grandma’s closet or mechanic’s garage.


Get your hangers from the 99 cents store. Those flimsy plastic ones that crack if you just look at it too hard. While you at it, get the racks there too. Self-assembled, on wheels and already starting to bend in the middle.

Bonus point: Get the racks that shift from side to side whenever someone touches it. Oh, and squeak with every movement.


Sales ALLLL the time! Signs everywhere! Make them unnecessarily big, and pick colors that clash & are obnoxiously bright. Maybe even add a clipart or two.

Bonus point: Make the sales sign yourself! Spell it ‘S.E.L.L.S’, written with multiple color markers (not by choice, cause all the markers are dried-out ) and add some additional information on the bottom that is too smudged or too small to read.


An item’s worth (appearance of) is determined by how much empty space is around it. It’s like art in the museum, the most valuable one gets a display case, red rope around it and that extra security guard who never has any information on what is on display. So shove your products together, pack them tight on the rack and don’t worry about sizing, color or seasons.

Bonus point: F*ck the rack. Put it all into a cardboard box that was previously used as extra seating.🔥

Price tag

Having price tags didn't mean your products are cheap, it depends on the kind of tags and where you put it. Here is a general guide

$$$$$ No price tags. Rule: if you have to ask the salesperson, you can’t afford it

$$$$ Price tags that are small, chic and fit the overall feel of the shop.

$$$ Larger tags, informative, can still be stylish.

$$ Handwritten stickers or tags (Again! Not done ironically)

$ Stickers with the price, and stick them on the products.

Bonus point: To really convey the degree of inexpensiveness, write the price right on the product.

Feel like I need to make a ‘Cheaper by the dozen’ pun or joke here… lol 😅

Bunny Yan - Fashion voice with eco twist

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