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iPads...oops typo, I & Pads

Yes, Pads… formally known as Sanitary Napkins. The 4th most popular accessories for ladies after shoes, bags and the look of being mildly entertained. :P

How much do you really know about it? You would've thought all gals are experts on this subject. Well!!! Nah Nah to that! And for the dudes who are reading this, stop making that face and read on cause this might comes in handy one day.

When the disposable pads first invented, the choice was easy (cause there's only 1) - Wood pulp with absorbent liner (partially thanks to Benjamin Franklin :D Whattt…? You heard it right. Google it).

Then came various thicknesses, sizes, and one of my favorite features – The wings! (Sticky extension tabs on the sides of the pad that hug your panties so that sucker stays in place) The product description back then were easy to understand. Pantyliner for light protection, long over-nighter for heavier days, extra slot to use as a hidden pocket (I made one of those up)… You know, all very informative as to what it is and what it does.

However, (over)marketing these days made it quite difficult to select the right pad for your needs. Fancy packaging with confusing wording as well as the fact that the products don’t always live up to the hype.

For Wings, you have the wide wings, double wings, stretchy wings... The ones that should stick but didn't, the ones that are so sticky it ripped a hole in your favorite pair of panties when you were trying to yank it off… (Not from actual experience… *cough cough)

For thickness, you have the thin, super thin, extra thin, ultra-thin….. , heavyweight, ultra weight, superior PROTECTION!!!!… (Stop using the thesaurus!)

For functionality, there’s the sports version, oxygen flow, movement enhanced, heavy machinery-abled, crime-fighting ability… (I want that last one for reals)

Length & shape… from “just enough to cover” to “wrap around the body twice” !! (There're even ones that fit just for thongs)

Holly sh*t!!! I’m standing in the feminine aisle for days trying to figure out do I really need that much stretch, what does oxidation actually do, and do I need a special sized pad for that dress I need to wear on Wednesday…???

And just when you think… ‘Ok I finally figured out all the features I want.’ Nope! You are not done yet. It’s also important to look at how it is made and what it is made from. You gonna be using this for like 40 years, a few seconds longer to read the label is worth it for things that will be touching & protecting your most sensitive area. Look for the ones with least amount of chemicals, little to no bleach, organic cotton preferred. I will also stay away from any colored or scented selection. (yep, avoiding more chemicals ~ :) ) That goes double for the tampon, something that's literally touching the inside of you.

Really, to find the perfect sanitary brand or brands you will just have to try it out. If you can afford it, don’t stock up on the year supply family-size pack from Costco, be good to yourself and find what fits you - that balance of quality and functionality.

I'm officially putting out my request for the perfect method against ‘Aunt Flow’: Total coverage, odorless, moist-controlled, hormone balancing, pain-killing, superpower having, reusable, biodegradable… ECO MEGA protection!!!

Until then, my go-to is the menstrual cup - soft silicone cup you insert that collects instead of absorbing. It’s reusable, comfortable and easy to clean. (I got tired of standing in the sanitary aisle ;P) Reusable pads are also great alternatives to pads especially if you are bothered by how much ‘stuff’ you have to throw away every month. Again, look it up a little and find the method that fits you best.

Special shout out to the fashion brand ASOS, they gave out reusable pads to the women in Kenya that were made with the off-cut fabric from their production line. That’s #ecoaf (Read article here)

Last, to give credit when credit is due, I tip my hat to the dudes that made it through the whole article. :D

Additional stuff to google around this topic: period panties, non-applicator tampons, heat pads, Bluetooth digital tampons (Nope, didn’t make that one up! It’s actually a thang~)