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Exclusive interview withhh... ORGANIC COTTON!!!

Interviewer Bunny: Welcome everyone!! This is your hostess Bunny. In the studio today, we have a truly special treat! An exclusive interview with 'Organic Cotton'!

Organic Cotton: Hi everyone!

*Applause soundtrack*

Bunny: The name 'Organic Cotton' seems to be everywhere these days so I want to give my audiences a chance to get to know you and your family better. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule Organic Cotton, and really dig the new look!

Organic Cotton: Thanks Bunny! It's such an honor to be on your show, and please, call me OC.

Bunny: Ok, OC. OC is from one of the oldest crop family - Cotton, dated back to 6,000 BCE, Right?

Organic Cotton: That’s right, we are mainly in America, China and India these days, but I think my family was originated from India or Mexico.

Bunny: Well, 'Cotton' is suuuch a household name. Your labels are on clothing, bedding, personal care, even in food! And you have worked with some of the biggest fashion brands, Uniqlo, H&M, Nike... eeer… pretty much all the brands. Some might even say you are more famous than the Kardashians...

Organic Cotton: We are more famous…


Bunny: I heard your family makes up half of the world's fiber needs. That's like... 50%!

Organic Cotton: For sure! Our presence is everywhere, but it was the invention of the cotton gin (the machine for separating cotton from its seeds) that lowered the cost of production which led to our wide reach.

Bunny: And I too could use some... Gin right now
*nervous laughter*

Now let's dive into the question on everyone's mind.. The CHANGE GATE. You officially changed from Cotton to Organic Cotton. What drove that decision?

Organic Cotton: Well Bunny... Being the expert, you know how the industry is. Every day there are demands to grow bigger, grow faster, be cheaper. It's a lot of stress to be on top! So... I started to take enhancements just to keep up... Started with some Pesticide, a bit of Herbicide just on special occasions and before I know it, I was knee-deep in Synthetic fertilizers, Soil additives and other toxic chemicals...

Then... there comes a day in a grown cotton's life when you wake up in the dark room of a dye factory, next to some fiber you don't even know and think to yourself... what have I become… I know at that moment it's time to change, so I check myself into rehab and started to live my truth.

Bunny: How do you feel now?

Organic Cotton: AMAZING! I feel sooo much healthier. Although… I'm not as bulked up as before, but with time and training, I will get my physique back.

Bunny: Now that you are clean, how does it affect your popularity?

Organic Cotton: Right now I can only cover about 1/2 percent of the family business, but people are really getting to know and like the real me despite of my current look and higher booking fee. That's temporary by the way. I'm getting stronger every day through natural-er methods and with the increase of appearances, I'm sure my agent can work out a family discount for the masses.

OH! Did I mention I'm very popular with the ladyyy ~~~ bugs"

Bunny: Oh yes, they are very important to help you stay off those toxic sauce. Would you like some water?

Organic Cotton: No thanks, now that I'm organic, I don't need intense irrigation anymore, I try to drink mostly rainwater.

Bunny: ...and I'm still waiting on that Gin…

*nervous laughter*

So where can we see you hard at work?

Organic Cotton: Mainly look at product labels or stamps from third-party verifiers. There are definitely gonna be haters try to fake it out there, but I'm not gonna focus my energy on those posers, I'm going to do me and be all the cotton that I can be.

Bunny: Wow. that is beautiful Organic Cotton! Thank you again for joining us, you are an inspiration. That's all the time we have today! This is Bunny, Fashion voice with Eco twist! Until next time.