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What does your logo say about your brand? Pt.2

Got your initial logo design? Let’s dig deeper. (If you havn't, please read part 1 of this article! :D)


The same logo with a different color will give off different feels. More eccentric feel: Cold hue, brighter, neon color or more classic feel: Warm hue, earthier tone. (Color psychology is freakin’ awesome! 🤓 Nerd-out!)

Here are some of the 'feels' your logo color might provoke; This list is not absolute, it's just FYI.

RED: Passionate, aggressive, important

ORANGE: Playful, energetic, cheap

YELLOW: Happy, friendly, warning

GREEN: Natural, stable, prosperous

BLUE: Serene, trustworthy, inviting

PURPLE: Luxurious, mysterious, romantic

PINK: Feminine, young, innocent

BROWN: Earthy, sturdy, rustic

BLACK: Powerful, sophisticated, edgy

WHITE: Clean, virtuous, healthy

GREY: Neutral, formal, gloomy

BEIGE: Accentuates surrounding colors


Try multiple color combinations for your logos, put them side by side so you can compare it and pick out the winner(s). Do think about keeping a few different combos for different purposes or backgrounds, your logo should look good on varies physical or digital media. Try testing your logo on different color backgrounds: White, Black, Multi-color images, and hues that are the same or similar to your logo color(s). Some logo might only look good with one colorway, such as a giant rainbow with sparkles, then have a light color base underneath your logo so it will look consistent on any background.


Same as color combos, try a few different composition layout combos for your logo as well. Maybe your logo is linear and very long, it can look good on the website but appear too small on media displays, especially when your logo is printed next to a sea of other logos at events (Like the annual Unicorn Rainbow Fest). In this case, you might want to try formatting the brand name on 2-lines or arrange the graphic elements a bit so the logo can be taller and not too linear. Try composition your logo in different shapes, with/without text or even adding a mascot (I choose Davon- the emo Unicorn).

*DON'T be afraid to ask others for opinions, DO take each with some consideration but also with a grain of salt. (That's what Davon would do)

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