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What does your logo say about your brand? Pt.1

Due to popular request, I’m talking about LOGO today! Disclaimer: This article is in 2 parts. I tried to keep it short, but there just so much to talk about. :P

Logo is a critical part of your brand, one can pre-judge the aesthetic of your brand/product depending on the feel your logo gives out. Other than the name itself, there are many factors like Font, Composition, Color, Current design trend, etc that will set the tone of your logo. Let’s learn by doing! How about a logo for an organic pet Unicorn accessory brand. (Because some Unicorns want to be mooore glamorous, No Unicorn shaming)

Research other brands’ logos 

Everything starts with researching, it’s a great way for getting inspired and having a feel of what’s been or haven't been done. DO NOT skip this step even if you know how to draw Unicorns and rainbows! This is a marketing research not a measurement of your design skill, you are learning what you do and don’t like so whatever you design will fit your brand.

Positioning your logo 

It’s important to study the right reference brands. Sure you can take a look at other pet brands, but more importantly, find the brands with the same aesthetic. Unicorns are luxury pets, check out other luxury brands in different industries and see what makes their logo feel ‘Luxury’, if there is a common theme or pattern, and what makes some of them stand out more than the other.

The right emphasis

What makes your accessory brand different? Is the design edgier? The fact it’s for Unicorns? Is it because it’s organic? … Whichever point you want to highlight, your logo should reflect that feel. Not to say you can’t have all of these qualities as a brand, it’s to be focused on what you do that’s especially different, on what draw your customers in and why are they stay being your fans. (find out what your customers really want will be a discussion for another time :D) Saturation is an important factor that’s often overlooked. Say you want your logo to look earthy, cause your brand is the most organic. However, if all other Unicorn brands are claiming organic with an earthy-looking label, it will be harder for yours to stand out and harder for the customers to remember you right off the bat.

The right audience

Depending on what you decide to emphasize, it will attract different types of Unicorn owners. More eccentric ones might drawn to an edgier designed logo with pop-colors and more conservative ones might fav. single color logo with a simple silhouette. Orrr... are the Unicorns buying the accessories themselves? (They are magical and it can happen) In that case, you might want to go full rainbow cause everyone knows that's what they like, except Davon the Unicorn, he’s hardcore emo.

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