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Oversize sweatshirt - a must have​

Yes, every girl must have a “little black dress” for that special occasion. You know the moment when the soft jazzy music plays, your slow-motion entrance accompanied by all the envious glances and that mysterious light breeze brushing through your hair out of nowhere.

(*Drastic sound of record screeching ) And for all of your non-romcom days, must-have for a girl is an ‘Oversized sweatshirt’! You can wear anything underneath (tank top, week-old T-shirt, bib …) and still look presentable. It’s perfect for situations like: walking your dog, picking up FedEx or be forced to make a grocery run cause you ate up everything in the fridge including that half stick of butter.

But choosing that perfect sweatshirt is no easy task! You want to look aloof but not so aloof that it starts to concern the neighbors.

  • Size is super important. Make sure it fits you. By that I mean make sure it’s 2 sizes too big. I like it when the sleeves go past the palm of my hand (Finger holes for my thumbs are a plus). 
  • The color! Make sure it matches everything in your closet; from hair clips to socks. So either neutral tones like black, grey, tan or complete neon like electric blue, warning yellow, rainbow bright 
  • Comfiness. Take it home and sleep in it. If you pass out in 5 minutes, you’ve made the right choice. 
  • Graphics. A solid color sweatshirt or tone-on-tone prints are safe bets. I personally like cheesy graphics: holiday-themed, memes, the tooth fairy…