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The art of Granny Panties

The question on every guy’s mind is “WHY!” Why any girl in her rite mind would purchase a pair of those!

Because they are F**kin’ beneficial!

  • First I’m gonna mention the obvious. Our monthly ‘Joy ride’.  We need a little extra support during that “eventful” time. (sounds gross?  Grow up!! :D)
  • Now, take the name - “Granny” panties.  What does the word “Granny” mean to you? Sure there are thoughts of wrinkles, 100 years old hard candies at the bottom of the purse and certain… hum.. gravitational disadvantage. How even, it could also mean warmth, safety and comfort.  We can all agree those are great feelings to have.
  • Then, there is laundry day...  So granny panties serve as the “Out of stock, please refill” card. When you reach into your underwear drawer and that’s the only thing you pull out… you know…
  • Surprisingly enough, it’s a common knowledge that granny panties are made from feathers of an angel (yes.. just that one angel). They are white, soft, breathable, and…..  100% cotton…
  • Last but definitely not the least.  contraception. YES! Contraception. Nothing can fan off sex quite like a pair of those.  So you are on a date, and “ it” just can’t happen tonite. If you were wearing the granny panties, no matter how hot and heavy it gets, in your mind you know the pants are staying on! That force field is STRONG.

So children… That’s why!