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To ECO or not to ECO (the guilt trip is real)

To eco or not to eco, that is the question. And that question has gotten a lot of people feeling all guilty and sh*t when buying stuff. The (internal) struggle is real.

Disclaimer: Writing this article half tipsy, 😆 so for sure there will be spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and things that might sound deep due to the alcohol intake or being purely accidental.

Let's do this!!

Just like exercising, being eco and going green is something you know it's good but doesn't really understand it, feeling guilty if not doing it and that one persistent coworker wouldn't stop“educating” you about it. ( You know who I'm talking about...🤓)

Eco or eco-friendly refers to things you do ( products, services, guidelines, actions…) that reduce, minimize, or cause no harm to the ecosystems or the environment.

(fashion is one of the most environmentally harmful industry. 😱 😱)

It just feels BIG right? Like I still need to figure out the weekend schedule of the M train, so when do I have time to figure out the environment? But somehow, if I don't do it, what will others think of me, what will my friends think, and how do I shut that annoying little voice off in my head 😖...You are not alone. (Btw, nobody can figure out NYC subway weekend schedule 😐, can I get a “Mmm..hmm..” from the New Yorkers).

Reality is, you are not gonna read every label, research each brand and Google each buzzword when you buy something. Ain't nobody got time for that! It is also hard for an individual to find out if a brand is legit eco or how each company defines and standardizes eco.

And IT'S OK! 😆 You ain’t got to do all that! (Unless that's your job, then do that, I don't want to be the reason why you get fired 😐)

For an average consumer, here are 3 basic tips to be eco and guilt-free.

Don't get sh*t you don't want! Sure sometimes the sale is great, sure that salesperson is really hot, but purchase that dress if it looks cute, fits well and feels good and splurge a little on good quality items, cause you deserve the best and it will last longer, so more for your buck. Consume smart is being eco. (This goes for eco items too, get it if it checks all the boxes)

Follow the feels! You don't need to learn all the buzzwords from the brand, have a look at their story. (Because anyone can say they are eco, vice versa, not saying it, doesn't mean they are not). See how the brand started, their beliefs, their social or environmental effort. Connect with a brand as a friend and support the ones that speak to you. There are a lot of great, small, local brands with amazing stories.

Let your clothes circulate! Second-hand shops got a lot of awesome circulated clothing, totally worth it to have a browse every now and then. (Find awesome stuff you will love and your wallet would love too) And when you no longer want some of your clothes, do the same. Have a clothing swap with your friends or donate. And if you are feeling artsy, turn them into awesome DIY projects (So many inspirations on Instagram), let your clothes serve more purposes.

Bunny’s words:

Nothing is 100% eco, there’s always room to go a step further, so don't be too hard on yourself or others. As long as you start somewhere, and continue improving, then it's all good!


Bunny Yan - Fashion voice with eco twist

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