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Plan a fashion show for just $10

NYC Fashion Week, time of the year when I get to wait 1 hour for my Uber, 2 hours for my favorite restaurant and 3 hours to get into that trendy lounge slash speakeasy that eeer...veryone is raving about.!!! Just kidding… ;P, there’s no F***ing way I’m getting in there without being on the Ultra VIP list.

All this kerfuffle is because of... FASHION SHOWS! Meeting the fancy people, rubbing shoulders with models and watch the pissing-contest of who is having the coolest show with the biggest star! But just because you ain’t got the budget to hire Rihanna, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a kickass show!

Here are Bunny’s tips on how to have an awesome fashion show for 10 dollars!


Can’t make anything under $10? NO PROBLEM! We all have clothes we don’t want, how about gather all your friend’s unwanted clothes and plan a second-hand fashion show! Eco-chic is all the rage, completely relevant.


Being creative with a theme is easier when you are staring at a big pile of options (and after 2 glasses of Merlot) Maybe play with colors, a black and white show call ‘Oreo Fusion’, or mix and match styles, call it ‘Time machine’, could also shuffle everything together and give an abstract name ‘Monday in the Park’. (That’s the wine talking)


AKA, friends and family that you haven’t pissed off yet. ;P Can they model? Maybe not. Will they be annoying? Possibly. BUT they are free! Which helps me to make the point of this article.


I know what you are thinking, show me how to rent a place for 10 bucks! Rent?! Why rent! Make it a pop-up fashion show! Which means you can pop UP anywhere. Middle of the park, subway station, your friend’s house. A fashion show is usually around 5 - 20 min. long, so by the time people figure out what’s happening, you are done and out of there!


Telling people about an event has never been so easy, post it on your Instagram, list it on Facebook or use a platform like Eventbrite. Make sure to @ everyone. This is the perfect time to guilt trip your friends, your friends’ family, your family’s friends and that one neighbor you once lent sugar to.

The show

Let all your models do their own makeup and bring accessories, but still bring your own bag of makeups, hair-stuff, safety pins and DUCT TAPE!!! I can’t stress enough on freakin’ duct tape!! Skirt ripping, pants too big, top too revealing, model slash friend who just won’t stop talking...all can be solved by duct tape!


Ask everyone to take pictures, post and @ you! And grab that one friend with the new iPhone (or Samsung… crazy nice camera) as the main photographer. Don’t forget to post after the event! And be proud of your thriftiness & tell eeer...veryone! Cause bragging about how much you spend is so yesterday, bragging about how much you can do without spending? That 🔥🔥🔥 AF

So what’s that 10 dollars for?

Well… I gave you all these info, you owe me pizza money. :D

Bunny Yan - Fashion voice with eco twist

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